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New Beginnings: The AI Revolution

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Let’s Countdown! - 10/27/23

This week’s countdown for everything AI: As our title says, this is where your AI revolution begins. With that being said, let’s start our countdown.


As the world of AI continues to advance at a rapid speed day by day, it’s important to stay up to date. This section helps with exactly that.

  • Amazon rolls out AI-powered image generation: → Article

  • Google Maps is getting new AI-powered search updates: → Article

  • AI is going to make Big Tech even bigger, and richer: → Article

  • Meta says users and businesses have 600 million chats on its platforms every day: → Article 

  • New Maps updates: Immersive View for routes and other AI features: → Article

  • Shutterstock Integrates Creative AI into Library of 700M Images: → Article

  • From doom to boom: AI is slowly re-energizing San Francisco: → Article

6. SIX BEST Automation

Use these six weekly automations to help boost your productivity to the next level.

  • How to automate post on LinkedIn: → Video

  • Personal life automation using Zapier: → Video

  • Chat GPT social media management: → Video

  • Never write an email yourself again: Video

  • Four great ChatGPT automation: → Article

  • Three extensions to automate your life: → Article

5. FIVE TOP AI Tools

Here is a list of 5 top AI for this week.

  • Olle - You can use ChatGPT on your Mac.

  • Audioflare - Transcribe, analyze, translate - All-in-one audio tools in Cloudflare playground.

  • Genie AI - Your AI legal assistant

  • Reclaim AI - Personal time tracking app for tasks, habits, & meetings.

  • Melon - Your AI thought partner.

4. FOUR BIG Case Studies

Here are four things you can do to reduce time wasted on marketing.

  • Building a powerful ChatBot for your business: → Video

  • Create unlimited blogs using AI: → Video

  • How to use AI to your advantage: → Video

  • Build your entire website in ONE click: → Video


Steal these prompts to help boost your productivity this week.

  • SEO prompts: → Prompt

  • YouTube video prompts: → Prompt

  • LinkedIn post prompts: → Prompt

2. TWO COOL things

Regular people around the world building some of the craziest things imaginable, here are the top two seen this week.

  • Generate High-Quality sound effects: → Demo

  • Clone yourself using HeyGen!: → Demo


I’m going to provide you with a link I believe you may or MAY NOT find enjoyable. So click at your own risk.


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